Volunteer Appreciation Month

April is global volunteer month. While we appreciate the caring and compassionate work that our volunteers do every day, in April we take more time to recognize and commend the gift that they give. Volunteering in Hospice is an act of empathy. The benefit to our patients is immeasurable. The day-to-day life of a hospice patient can become mundane; there are no doctors’ appointments to attend, family and friends work during the day, or they are unable to visit. Our volunteers provide a light during the day and break up the monotony. Volunteers go for walks, read books, discuss current events, or engage with life review. This can be a breath of fresh air that reinvigorates our patients. Something that they look forward to week to week.

Our volunteers go through a rigorous training and background check process to ensure that they are prepared for anything the patients might throw their way. Their dedication is apparent with the zeal they tackle this training, going to new facilities on short notice meeting new people and building strong relationships with our patients. Volunteers are an integral part of the Legacy way. Their notes and insights impact our plan of care. Many times, volunteers can meet the patient where they are in a vastly different way than clinical and even supportive staff. Patients often feel more comfortable in casual interactions

Without volunteers, we would not be able to serve all the people that we do. As a result, at Legacy, we prioritize the experience. We match our volunteer interests and personalities with the patient so that both will get as much out of the experience as possible. We also have the flexibility to work around our volunteer’s schedules, whether they are working full-time, going to school or have family obligations, we can find a match exactly right for them. We strongly believe that happy and fulfilled volunteers lead to happy and fulfilling visits.

In 2022 Legacy Hospice is expanding our volunteer program to include Vigil Volunteers. These are volunteers with additional training that will be on call to sit vigil with patients at the very end of life. No one should have to die alone, and this service will help. It will provide relief to families who cannot be at their loved one’s side around the clock and comfort and companionship to our patients as they leave this life for the next.

If you are interested in learning more about what it is like volunteering with Legacy Hospice, or would like to sign up for volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Rachel at volunteercoordinator@legacyhospicecares.com or call 262.330.7632 today!