We are proud to have a strong leadership team with extensive years of experience in the hospice field. We are fortunate to have the experience to build a strong care team and we are committed to creating a better experience for hospice patients and their families.

Karin Johnson

Karin started her healthcare career as a social worker, but in 1997 when her second child was born with a life-limiting illness, she realized she had to have a change in direction in her career. Karin has always felt that hospice is “a calling”, and that call came when her second child was born. While Karin has many strengths as a social worker, her life experience has allowed her to get a deeper understanding of both sides of the story, pertaining to the traditional versus the palliative care directions in healthcare.

Karin has worked for some of the largest national hospice providers. These experiences have provided her with the insight and knowledge that have led to her continued success.  “It is where we have been that helps us learn where we need to go” says Karin.  She has a unique ability to recognize the strengths of her hospice team and leverage those strengths to meet the needs of the patients and their families. Over her tenure as an administrator in hospice, she has consistently acquired excellent quality scores and almost zero percent staff turnover, as a testament to her dedication to excellence.

Kim Johnson R.N.

Kim’s career journey began as a registered nurse over 20 years ago. She was able to practice nursing in multiple areas of healthcare but over time she moved into taking care of the elderly patients realizing that this is where her heart belongs. Kim sees the end of life as a special time near the end of one’s journey, where she gets to help patients reflect upon their lives. Kim sees this as an incredible honor to be a part of the lives of her patients and their families.

Daniel Lopez-Tan M.D.

Daniel Lopez-Tan M.D.  – Hospice work began for Dr. Lopez-Tan in 1998 when he started serving as a team director for a local hospice company. Over the years he has helped grow several hospice companies and supervised the medical treatment of terminally ill patients. Over time Dr. Lopez-Tan continued to practice in the Nursing Home setting and is faced with many hospice patients. He pursued his Board Certification in Hospice and Palliative Care and today continues to care for terminally ill patients in his practice and with the help of the Hospice team.

Anil Doniparthi M.D.

Dr. Doniparthi started his career in hospice care as a Team Medical Director in 1997 and has a long tenure in helping manage and grow hospice care teams to the present time. He has been involved in several local hospice companies and has extensive experience in active management of hospice patients. His background is in Internal Medicine and he has extensive experience in hospital inpatient management as well as geriatric medicine with his involvement as Medical Director in various nursing homes. He continues to work in hospice and geriatric care and serves as a strong team development leader for Legacy Hospice! Dr. Doniparthi is Board Certified in both Hospice and Palliative care and Internal Medicine.

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