Myth: Hospice is a place you go to
Fact: As your Hospice Provider we bring all our services to you – wherever you call home. You stay where you are, and we GO TO YOU!

Myth: Hospice is for people with cancer
Fact: Hospice is for all kinds of terminal diagnoses

Myth: Hospice will stop all medications
Fact: Medication changes are dependent on what provides comfort and what causes a burden to the patient. Stopping medications is not a requirement to be in Hospice care.

Myth: Hospice does not treat your illness
Fact: Hospice aggressively treats your pain and symptoms when curative treatments are no longer effective.

Myth: I can’t afford hospice
Fact: Hospice is a covered benefit through Medicare and is also covered by most insurance companies. We will help you obtain this service if you are medically appropriate.

Myth: I can’t see my own doctor
Fact: We want your doctor to remain involved in your care.

Myth: Hospice means I am dying
Fact: It doesn’t mean you are dying today. It means you have a terminal illness with a shortened life expectancy.

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