Letter to Volunteer

At Legacy Hospice, we are firm believers that our patients and their families come first as well as to provide excellent service during this transitional period by accommodating the whole family unit with compassion and care.

While we know that “it takes a community to raise a child”, it takes that same community to care for our seniors. At Legacy, we are constantly looking at how we can give back to the communities that we serve.

Volunteering plays a vital role in the hospice program, and you as the volunteer, play a key role. We are intentional in matching patients/families with our volunteers. We strive to provide comfort and excellent care to create the best experience as possible for everyone involved.

We look to our volunteers to provide a variety of support services to our patients. Some examples of what our volunteers can do for our patients are:
A volunteer who reads to a patient who’s vision has diminished.
A volunteer who sits beside, engaging in conversation or just to sit and provide company to the patient.
A volunteer who can create crafts with our patients who are able to do so. This may look like: coloring, folding papers, making safe jewelery (bracelets, necklaces).
A volunteer who can participate in a game of checkers or other forms of games, i.e.: card games.

In addition to the roles that volunteers can partake in, at Legacy we also have volunteers who have a valid license for an emotional support or therapy pet (approved for visits) and have volunteers who play instruments and/or sing. Furthermore, we have trained volunteers who sit bedside when someone is at the very last stages of life. This training will be provided upon hire to all volunteers.

Each of these volunteer roles bring another level of quality care and comfort to our patients and families at the end of life. As a volunteer, you will give the amazing gift of compassion and often when you give this gift, you also get compassion in return.

Thank you,

Marlena Bennett, Volunteer Coordinator
Legacy Hospice Cares
850 Elm Grove, WI 53122