Companionship: Good for the Heart and Soul

Companionship: Good for the Heart and Soul
April 17, 2020
Even a small amount of human contact can have a great effect on one’s well-being.
We can understand that spending time with our loved one can bring joy and happiness. However, we do not hear often enough that companionship and spending quality time with the ones we love can have a positive effect on our physical health. In this brochure, you will read about ways companionship in different formats can improve physical and emotional health.

Although we are unable to give physical hugs at this time, we can understand that hugging the ones we miss and love, can help keep stress-related hormones at bay. Ways we can replace physical hugs: send a card filled with words of love, hope and faith to let your loved one know they are not alone or have been forgotten.
Phone calls, virtual visits and window visits can help alleviate stress that you or your loved one may be experiencing during this challenging time. Stress can be known to restrict blood flow which can cause complications. A way that we can ease stress is by laughing. Laughing improves blood flow. Think of fun memories, show pictures or videos that you can bring up during your visit so that it may spark a smile or laughter.
Keeping our loved ones positive and hopeful can reduce further damage to their heart. Having a positive attitude for everyone experiences challenges can have emotional and physical benefits such as lowering blood pressure.
We are all trying to navigate through this uncertain time with COVID-19. We must remember to take each day as they come. We should try to make the most of the resources we have to ensure that we are taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. Companionship plays an imperative role in the health of our mind, bodies and souls and even through isolation, we can still be there for our loved ones in other capacities.

Marlena Bennett, Volunteer Coordinator
Legacy Hospice Cares
850 Elm Grove, WI 53122