What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a service that provides care for people who are in the last six months of their life. Hospice focuses on improving the quality of life for patients experiencing terminal illnesses and their caregivers. Pain relief and symptom management is a large focus for hospice providers as well as providing any additional support needed to make a patient feel as comfortable as possible during their final days. At Legacy Hospice, we aim to celebrate the time that a patient has left and give them the ability to focus on what matters, like their family and friends, instead of their pain and suffering. 

Our team takes a holistic approach and provides supportive services like spiritual care, bereavement groups, and a variety of therapies. Hospice prioritizes the patient and their needs at the end of life.  Our goal is to manage a patient’s symptoms and pain, provide supportive care for the patient and their family and meet their spiritual needs. Hospice helps you take full advantage of the time that you have left.