Debunking Myths About Hospice Care: Five Myths Answered

➔ Myth 1: Hospice is only for someone’s last weeks of life
◆ Fact: Hospice care typically begins when a doctor gives a terminal prognosis of six
months or less. Yet, due to the immense support, level of medical expertise as well
as comfort and care, patients can outlive this expectation.

➔ Myth 2: Patients only stay on hospice for 6 months or less
◆ Fact:. Hospice is an inexhaustible Medicare benefit and as long as the individual
meets the medical criteria they are entitled to the benefit.

➔ Myth 3: Signing onto hospice means that the patient and family no longer have
a say in the patient’s health
◆ Fact: Individual care plans are created to make sure the patient’s wants and needs
are at the center for all decision making. Legacy Hospice encourages family
involvement, advocates for your wishes and supports your decision making.

➔ Myth 4: All hospice companies are the same
◆ Fact: Hospices must abide by state and federal regulations and as such all provide
the same core services. Legacy Hospice has identified the importance of treating the
mind, body and soul and has developed additional programs to assist our patients
and families on their journey. Legacy’s mission is driven by our patients and

➔ Myth 5: Enrolling in hospice is too difficult and expensive
◆ Fact: Hospice is a Medicare covered benefit. A simple phone call is all that is needed
to begin the process for you or your loved one.

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